CJC Activities

Below is a sample list of activities included in our programs. Each program will have a slightly different curriculum designed specifically to meet the needs of the enrolled students.

Myers Briggs InventoryAn introspective self-report questionnaire claiming to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions.  Based on the results of the indicator, individuals can determine the best types of employment to suit their personality.assessment tool; instruction; discussion
Myers Briggs Inventory RevealedExplanation of MB results as related to how you prefer to learn, work, and find your comfort level.  How these results relate to current careers/jobs.instruction; discussion; handout
Career KeyIdentify and soar by learning your God-given skills, abilities and talents.  See how these relate to current day careers/jobs and the opportunities they open for you; learn when a job becomes a career; carefully assess what employment you need to support yourself / and family.assessments; instruction; discussion; questions
Searching Possible Careers/JobsUse the Department of Labor’s to explore many career possibilities; learn how to move around Onet, how to find details about a career or job; use other resource helps on the internet; link to them to see how valuable they are for job; searching; selecting; instruction; handout
What Employers are Seeking in YouLearn what characteristics employers seek in a good employee; learn how you can develop some of these characteristics; explore these same characteristics across multiple job types; learn about the potential for advancement that an employer may see in you and learn why;videos; instructions; handouts; discussion; questions
About the ResumeUnderstand how employers use resumes; how your previous inventories relate to specific job opportunities; learn how best to describe your positive qualities and characteristics; how to use those in your resume; learn that resumes change based on type of job sought; how to read a job description and connect it to your resume with key words; how to be honest on the resume before revealing your past at the interview.handouts; correlating assessments; analyze and compare; instruction

Compose the Resume – 
Using our resume template, fill in the previous work and life experiences you’ve had;  email the template to us as an attachment or snap shot it from your phone and text it to us; we will craft the professional resume and clarify with you anything we’re uncertain of; edit the final resume based on the type of employment you are seeking – we’ll help you do in Word; editing; input; peer help; instruction; USB drive


How to Introducing Yourself
Learn why your personal introduction is important; how to prepare for personally introducing yourself to potential employers and recruiters. Prepare and practice your 60-120 second personal introduction before preparing for an interview; learn the handshake, eye-contact, and body stance that will convey your; instruction; composition and practice oral delivery; practice eye contact, handshake and body posture
Interviewing practice –  

Lesson 1
Learn appropriate dress based on the company dress standards. Learn why personal appearance can determine whether or not you make it to the next level. Learn what makes a fruitful interview session and how to put your best foot forward.  Learn the common interview questions and why they are asked. Practice interviewing in a controlled environment with peer support; learn to laugh at yourself while practicing; learn how to clarify the question being asked and address the question specifically; learn when to use examples; learn how to ask the interviewer questions about the job and/or company; understand what not say and why not and what not to ask and why not; practice wording to introduce your past to the interviewer;video; instruction; questions; practice;
Interviewing refinement – Lesson 2Fine turn your wording to introduce your past to the interviewer in a more structured environment; learn how to thank the interviewer for their time, even when you don’t feel the interview went well; learn how to learn from your interviews and take responsibility for your choices; learn the concepts of grace and graciousness by sending a thank you.practice; practice the exit; videos; instruction
About Employment Applications Learn the tools employers use to narrow the playing field of applicants; study the job descriptions, find the key words, practice filling out an on-line application, use the key words, answer all the questions, and upload your resume; submit the application and save a copy to your USB drive.instruction; compare and find; computer for online application;
Workplace Etiquette and Relationships – Lesson 1Learn the concepts of respect, dignity, grace and graciousness, mercy and courtesy and how to practice them with the employer, other employees, and the customer.  Learn who your customer is, why you work, God’s purpose for work, best habits to practice and those to discard.  Learn what proper dress is for the type of employment and how to minimize your cost; learn how to relate with your peers, superiors and subordinates.instruction; video; questions; practice; handouts
Workplace Etiquette and Relationships – Lesson 2Learn the employee responsibilities of timeliness, attention, diligence, appropriateness, integrity, and  honesty. Learn about self-control and personal restraint; learn about confidentiality, communication, including internet and social media, and what common mistakes to avoid; learn about consequences of misbehavior and inappropriateness.define and discuss; video; handouts; instruction; questions
Money MattersLearn about income, debts, management, and living below your income.  Explore real monthly expenses; determine needs vs. desires; explore options to pay down debt; learn about credit, what effects it,  when and why you need it and how to repair it; learn about different accounts; learn about savings, why you need it and how to increase it and how to begin saving; establish goals and how to achieve them.instruction; video; handouts; practice budget
Computer basics or advanced Tutorials in GCFlearnfree©Students may be assigned a mentor to help with basic computer knowledge or advance at their own pace learning Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. If you are already versed on Google, you may practice Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in  They test and offer completed certifications in the above. You are encouraged to retest until 100% achievement prior to printing off, printer, online tutorials; facilitator
Department of Labor and Texas Employment Requirements and StandardsLearn about employment forms required by the feds and what they mean; learn about tax responsibilities and deductions related to work; learn about employee rights and responsibilities; learn about employee benefits and how to ask questions; learn the tax responsibilities of employed, contracted, and self-employed persons.instruction; videos; discussion; handouts